About Mills VC

Great Ideas Starts Here!

Founded by Matthew Mills in 2015, Mills VC is dedicated to investing in and nurturing groundbreaking technology ventures across diverse sectors. Our unique structure enables us to explore numerous concepts at varying stages, refining the most promising ones into thriving enterprises by attracting both human and financial resources essential for market success.

At Mills VC, we recognize that achieving entrepreneurial excellence demands unwavering dedication and relentless effort to transform innovative ideas into successful ventures. We collaborate with driven individuals who share our passion for leveraging technology to positively impact the world, particularly in AI, SaaS applications, and cloud platforms, with a focus on Security, Health, Education, and e-commerce sectors.

We provide early-stage entrepreneurs with sweat equity capital, along with invaluable expertise and connections, to catalyze the realization of their visions.

Mills VC is rapidly earning acclaim as a leading early-stage partner, providing sweat equity capital to tech entrepreneurs poised to shape the future.

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