• At what stage do we start
    working with you?
    We help you with sweat equity to get your idea off the groundand to the public.
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    (Initial Public Offering)
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    We partner with exceptional entrepreneurs
    that work hard to achieve their dreams.
    Mills VC provide the resource to help you get off and running.
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    Mills VC is an Agile Funding
    Venture Capital®.
    To get the product out the door faster, Mills VC utilizes Agile Funding Methodology
    to get a workable product to market faster.
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    99% of great ideas do not get off the ground
    due to lack of resources.
    There are 99 reasons why good ideas do not get off the ground. We provide the
    resource to help you get off and running.
What We Do

We select the exceptional entrepreneur, and contribute a tremendous amount of sweat equity capital to build the next innovative idea. Mills VC runs every software development in an Agile Funding® methodology (ASF). If you do not know Agile, we suggest you read up on it before you seek funding from us.

What is Agile Funding
Agile Funding

Agile Funding is an investment management framework for incremental project funding for investors and issuers. It provides a structure of allocating funding to an issuer in an iterative milestone. Investors and issuers are responsible for creating and adapting their processes within this framework. Learn more

What is Sweat Equity?

Sweat equity is the critical component in getting your dreams on the drawing board. Mills VC helps you along the way in drawing up your first concept to pushing it out to the public. Funding is distributed in the begining of every project sprint. After every sprint, a product is produced, review and ready for production.

Mills VC
See how we invest in companies during their idea stage.