Agile Funding

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Agile Funding

In 2015, Mills VC spearheaded the development of the Agile Funding Methodology, aiming to mitigate investor risk by funding companies through incremental milestones.

Traditional funding paradigms, often characterized as waterfall funding, place immense emphasis on the necessity of a comprehensive business plan and the ability to forecast business and market trends with near-omniscient accuracy over a span of two to five years. However, should the need arise for the business to pivot in response to shifting dynamics, a reliance on a static business plan proves futile, potentially jeopardizing the entire enterprise.

In stark contrast, Agile Funding represents a dynamic and adaptable approach to financing, wherein funding is disbursed iteratively and incrementally, safeguarding both the company's trajectory and the interests of its investors. This methodology allows for nimble responses to market changes, ensuring resilience and sustainability in the face of uncertainty.

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